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Gastric banding restricts how much the beginning portion of the stomach can hold by placing an adjustable band (like a small inner tube) around the upper part of the stomach. Unlike conventional open bariatric bypass surgery, gastric banding is done using the laparoscopic technique with very small incisions. The result is you eat less food, suffer less postoperative pain and return to normal activity more quickly than with open surgery. Unlike gastric bypass, the gastric band can be adjusted with a simple injection in your physician's office to suit your specific situation. The surgery usually requires one overnight stay in the hospital. You can go home the next day.


Dr. Jondavid Jabush, who recently joined the Medical Staff at Hackettstown Regional Medical Center, completed specialized bariatric surgical training at Hackensack University Medical Center.

Gastric banding is adjustable
The adjustment of the band is a regular part of follow-up for this procedure. It's also a feature that may become more important as you lose weight. There are reasons you might need to change how much food you can or should eat. These can include your weight loss progress, pregnancy and illness. The amount of food you can eat at one time can often be changed under the guidance of your surgeon, who inflates or deflates the band in the office.

Changes can be reversed

You need less hospital time
Patients normally leave the hospital one-to-three days after laparoscopic surgery. If a large incision is required or if there are complications, more days in the hospital may be needed.

You may recover more quickly
After the procedure, patients usually get back to their normal activities in a week or two. It may take four weeks or more if the procedure is not done laparoscopically, or if there are complications.

According to Dr. Jabush, "This relatively new surgical technology will help you lose weight by reducing how much your stomach can hold and lengthening the feeling of being full. The success of this process, however, also depends on how motivated you are and how committed you are to your goal of long-lasting weight loss."

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