The Therapy Center is here to meet the rehabilitative and wellness needs of area residents in one all-inclusive facility.

With its variety of programs and caring, knowledgeable staff, the Therapy Center supports HRMC's vision of promoting health and wellness throughout the region. To make an appointment or to tour the Therapy Center, call (908) 850-6925.


Redcord Has Arrived!

Redcord -a unique, exciting and leading edge form of exercise therapy is now available at the Therapy Center at Hackettstown Regional Medical Center.

Redcord was developed in Norway 25 years ago and made its way to the United States just a few years ago. Redcord uses the weight of a person's own body for resistance and can be used for rehabilitation or for performance-oriented training. Exercises can be adjusted to be more or less challenging so that it can be used by most everyone, regardless of age, strength, size and physical ability-from Olympic athletes to 80-year- old patients needing wheelchair assistance.


At Hackettstown Regional Medical Center living a longer, more vital life is a goal shared by many people. The programs at the Therapy Center foster improved, health-related quality of life. Clients of all ages gain from the one-on-one attention by competent, experienced professionals with advanced degrees and certifications. Our specialists in the varied therapy services integrate their expertise by combining the disciplines that best benefit an individual. When obstacles get in the way of achieving your optimal life, the Therapy Center offers the care and skill to get you back on track.

Wellness Services

Get Fit!

Exercise is essential to the health and fitness of every individual. This medical-based exercise program is designed for adult community residents of all ages and abilities. Our safe and professional environment assists in the development of healthier habits and achievement of personal goals. Certain medical conditions require special attention and each member receives a fitness evaluation and personalized workout plan. Exercise physiologists can consult with a client's doctor or therapist to continue with exercises after the therapy programs are completed.

The Therapy Center: Feel Better... Faster

A Place to Heal
An individualized therapeutic plan of services and care is developed for every client. We offer the latest therapeutic methods to treat:

  • Cardiopulmonary conditions
  • Cognitive and learning impairments
  • Neurological conditions
  • Orthopedic and sports injuries
  • Work-related injuries
  • Post-mastectomy rehabilitation
  • Vestibular balance conditions

The Therapy Center provides a comprehensive scope of therapy services, including:

  • Physical therapy
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech-language therapy

  • Audiology
  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • Fitness
  • Physical Therapy
    With one-on-one attention in a hands-on approach to therapeutic and rehabilitative care, our experienced and certified physical therapists work with clients to achieve their goals by assessing joints, muscles, and nerves and their influence on body movement and function. Several of our staff have advanced degrees or earned the distinction of Clinical Doctorate.

    Occupational Therapy
    Blending art and science to attain the skills for the job of living, our occupational therapists take a task-oriented approach for clients to relearn a specific skill or to help clients find new ways to achieve independence.

    Speech Therapy
    Our experienced speech-language pathologists enhance human connections through improved communications for clients of all ages. They also evaluate swallowing disorders, called dysphagia, using the latest diagnostic imaging and employ innovative techniques for treatment.

    Our audiologists provide specialized evaluations to diagnose hearing impairments and auditory processing issues to identify treatment strategies for individuals of all ages.

    Cardiac Rehabilitation
    Our experienced Critical Care Certified registered nurses and certified exercise physiologists assist clients in a telemetry-monitored exercise program. Those recovering from a heart attack, bypass surgery, heart transplant, angioplasty, or other cardiac conditions regain strength and endurance and learn to live again.

    T.C. Kids
    Our T.C. Kids program specializes in evaluating and treating a spectrum of childhood conditions or developmental disorders. T.C. Kids is inclusive of physical, occupational, and speech therapy, promoting growth and learning in a fun and playful atmosphere.

    Sports Medicine at HRMC
    For active adults with sports-related injuries, HRMC's medical staff and Therapy Center professionals work together to provide the following:

    • Diagnosis of your condition
    • Treatment with medication; manual therapy, exercise, or therapy modalities; or surgery
    • Prevention with information to slow the progression of diseases, improve performance, or prevent injury.        

    Therapists at HRMC

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